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 1986 EDSA Revolution - Explains the spirit, beginning, leaders, and the people of this revolution. From Ateneo's ThinkQuest.

 A Dawning Light to the Zambales - The evangelization of headhunting mountain tribes, beginning in 1601, by individual Recollect missionaries, some of whom were slain. By Kenneth C. Masong

 A Philippine Leaf - Literacy and writing among prehistoric Filipinos, by Hector Santos, known historian and expert on ancient writing.

 Agrarian Reforms in the Philippines - United Nations research paper on land reform programs from 1900 through the present CARP (Comprehensive Agricultural Reform Program).

 Alibata - Describes the origins and history of the alibata writing system. By Victor Ganata, University of California Berkeley, 1999.

 Alibata at Pandesal - Contains pictures of this ancient Filipino script.

 American View of Philippine History - US Library of Congress country study of the Philippines, from pre-Hispanic times to the presidency of Corazon Aquino.

 An American in the Philippines - The online archival collection of George Percival Scriven, witness to the occupation of Bohol during the Philippine-American war, 1899 - 1901. From the Duke University special collections library.

 Ancient Religions of the Filipinos - Religious beliefs and cosmology of indigenous tribes of the Philippines were as varied as the tribes. by Paul Kenkai Manansala.

 Andres Bonifacio: A Self-taught Revolutionary - Biography of the unschooled leader of the 1896 revolution who taught himself the ideals of 19th century liberalism and nationalist independence.

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