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 Agnostic Notes - Essays on Christianity in the Philippines and religion in general.

 Ang Dating Daan - With information on the religion, doctrines, Biblical topics, references, and articles of incorporation.

 Ang Dating Daan Sites - Unofficial Websites of Ang Dating Daan

 Catholic Bishops' Conference of the Philippines - The CBCP provides information on many aspects of the Roman Catholic Church in the Philippines.

 Christ's Commission Fellowship - Resource for the Fellowship. Includes archived sermons, bible study and events.

 Christian Churches of God Philippines - Teaches the Christian faith in its original form, as taught by the Messiah and the Apostles, through scholarly bible study papers.

 Christian Life Movement - Philippines - Ecclesial Catholic movement approved by John Paul II in 1994. Its history, life and writings of the Founder, and links.

 Developing a Philippine Philosophy - An attempt to outline some common thoughts and ideas in the belief and wisdom systems of the pre-colonial Filipinos and the modern Filipino tribal beliefs.

 El Shaddai - The charismatic Catholic movement with over a million members (some estimate five million) which has mobilized the poor as a force in Philippine religion, politics and social policies.

 Iglesia Filipina Independente - Official site of the Autonomous Catholic Church in the Philippines.

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